Pailon del Diablo Banos Ecuador

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Pailon del Diablo Banos Ecuador

Pailon del Diablo Banos Ecuador

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  • June 30, 2019

Pailon del Diablo is the most impressive waterfall in Baños Ecuador and the region, it is approximately 100 meters high.
This beautiful and impressive waterfall has three waterfalls the same ones that due to the force with which they fall, form an impressive paila.

Its name de pailón del diablo is born from the shape of the rocks under the waterfall and if you look carefully you can see the shape of the face of the devil that is formed in the rocks, hence its name.
Although its name scares a little, it can be said with certainty that this Baños waterfall is one more visited by tourists in Ecuador.

A getaway to this place will give you pleasant moments. Keep discovering what this corner of the sierra region holds for you, and look for new adventures to live.

You can observe the waterfall in a 20-minute journey along a path that is perfectly signposted, through orchids, hydrangeas and semi-jungle vegetation, which reaches a suspension bridge and then you will find yourself on the very edge of the waterfall.

At the edge of the waterfall there is a viewpoint, from where the view is lost in the vegetal cover composed of herbaceous, shrubby and arboreal. The waterfall descends along a natural rock formation, the same one that is able to wrap in a dense cloud of droplets due to humidity.

In the surroundings of El Pailón del Diablo waterfall you could observe the flora and fauna. During the recovery you will find bromeliads and orchids are very unique in that area and are the subject of study by foreign university students. The enormous variety of butterflies, the cock of the rock, tapirs and other exotic species inhabit these places of temperate climate.

How to get to Pailón del Diablo from Baños de Agua Santa?

We recommend you to take the bicycle tour, do not worry about the cars of the place, they are already used to the circulation of bicycles since this place is very visited.

You will have to make the trip to the parish of Río Verde where the Pailón del Diablo is located, keep in mind that on the way it is all marked and will show you when you arrive at the destination.

If you are inclined for this option do not worry about the climb, you can do it in trucks that are constantly waiting to move with your bike to the entrance of the park.

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